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Movies and dvd player question


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I have an old pc which has a few usb ports i am not using. If I buy a usb flash drive which has a sd reader/writer on it such as this:




would I be able to use software that will convert mp4 movies to some format which will enable me to store it on the SD card? I want to use an SD card on a portable dvd player
to view current movies as well as some old dvd's i have. As far as I know, I cant view any movie on a usb flash drive andit will actually work on the dvd player. Hope this makes sense.

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If the DVD player can actually read SD memory cards, that is very likely possible. However, I have not yet seen a DVD player that accepts memory cards. 


Blu-ray players can usually play more formats, but you can also be lucky with a DVD player. There are many Blu-ray players that can play files from a connected USB stick without any problems.

The MP4 format or the MKV format could work, for example.


A very good program to convert video files is HandBrake.


StaxRip is also very good.


Or you can try DVDFab. (Search nsane)

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Not sure if your DVD player can support card readers.. It can be a hit and miss.. Also you have to format media in FAt32 meaning max size for files is 4GB..


Reencoding movies will take a long time on an old PC (depending on the hardware specs).... Also old PCS might  not even be able to play or reecode the new Hi10, HEVC or H264 files.. 

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