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Angry With Surf Excel, Indian 'Patriots' Give Microsoft Excel 1-Star Ratings On Google Play


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A new advertisement for Surf Excel detergent, which shows a girl dropping her Muslim friend at a mosque to pray on Holi, has drawn a huge amount of flak on social media platforms as being anti-Hindu. And, apart from Facebook and Twitter, the keyboard nationalists have also taken to showing their displeasure by review-bombing Excel on the Google Play store. Not Surf Excel though—the negative reviews are turning up on Microsoft Excel.


As of now, the number of negative reviews are still pretty low—but the controversy has only just started to brew, and this could well grow with time. One of the latest reviews, which gives the app 5 stars, states, “I used to like this app, until they partnered with Surf and made such a disgusting anti religious ad. Now where ever I read the word Excel I can only think of anti Hindu propaganda. Shame on you for doing this.”


There is, of course, no partnership between Microsoft and Surf. The controversy around the Surf Excel ad is needlessly bizarre, as the advertisement promotes religious harmony and doesn’t actually make any negative statement, but logic and rhetoric are often divorced in India.


A one-star rating review is much more direct and to the point. The user writes, “boykot sarf excel. hindu birodh hai. pakisthan me ja kar business kar.” (Boycott Surf Excel. It is anti-Hindu. Take your business to Pakistan.) Another, coming in late in the day, writes, “Ye hindu virodhi hai,” meaning “this is anti-Hindu.”







This isn’t the first time that an app has seen its ratings plummet due to the anger of Google Play users. In the past, Snapdeal and Snapchat have seen their ratings on the Google Play store affected by angry users.


Article Source: HuffPost India


btw, here is the beautiful ad by SurfExcel


This beautiful Ad has angered Sanghis and they want to Boycott  Surf Excel. There are some things Surf Excel cant clean. The Filthy Mind of Bhakts is one of them

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