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Facebook is now rolling out a dark mode to Messenger users

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The AchieVer

Facebook is now rolling out a dark mode to Messenger users 

You have to moon someone 


telegram_messenger.1419980364.0.jpg telegram messenger


Facebook has been overhauling its Messenger app recently, slimming it down to focus more on chat, and promised that it would eventually roll out a dark mode for users. That mode is now rolling out, but there’s a tongue-in-cheek trick you need to do in order to activate it: you have to moon someone. 


The trick, spotted by Android Police9to5Mac, and others, is simple: send someone (or yourself) a crescent moon emoji ( ). Once you do so, a shower of moons appears in the chat window, and you’ll get a prompt to activate the mode in settings. Go to your profile page in the app, and it’ll present you with an option to turn the mode on. 


IMG_7006.jpgImage: Andrew Liptak


Android Police notes that the mode has apparently not rolled out to everyone, and that some have gotten a message saying that it’s still a work in progress.





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