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------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2019-02-28]  REL: VERSION 2.94 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2019-02-27]  NEW: added synchronized selection from files list to results list at Tag Sources
                   dialog. (#10694, #44456)
[2019-02-18]  LNG: updated Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
                   Corsican, Czech, Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese,
                   Slovak and Turkish language files.
[2019-02-14]  FIX: checkboxes for track- and discnumber were not sized to fit for installations in
                   different locales.
[2019-02-14]  FIX: focus for auto-numbering wizard wasn't set correctly. (#44488)
[2019-02-08]  NEW: made quick replace with regular expression action to remember previous inputs.
[2019-02-08]  NEW: made quick replace action to remember previous inputs.
[2019-02-08]  NEW: added history to replace with regular expression action input fields.
[2019-02-07]  NEW: added history to replace action input fields.
[2019-02-07]  CHG: pasting tags of multiple files from the clipboard restarted the paste sequence if
                   more files were selected. (#44380)
[2019-02-07]  FIX: cancelling certain write operations kept file list in a state as if the tags were
                   written. (#44442)
[2019-02-06]  NEW: added support for discnumbers to auto-numbering wizard.
[2019-02-05]  FIX: action 'Format value' did not apply changes for multi-value fields if first value
                   stayed the same. (#44428)
[2019-02-04]  FIX: ensured that no duplicate fields are created on the Tag Panel. (#44383, #44406)
[2019-02-03]  CHG: saving config directly after updating to a new version.
[2019-02-02]  FIX: information field %_id3v2_character_encoding% wasn't set for user-defined fields.
[2019-02-01]  NEW: configuration option to disable showing release notes on update. (#44309)
[2019-01-31]  FIX: single MP4 chapter title wasn't updated if listing chapters as separate files was
                   disabled. (#44322) 
[2019-01-31]  NEW: added resizeable splitter between lists on tag sources dialog. (#43624)
[2019-01-30]  FIX: dropdown menus selection was not case-sensitive. (#44365)
[2019-01-29]  CHG: chpl atom was created if Apple gapless data was present. (#44323)
[2019-01-28]  FIX: length of first MP4 chapter was displayed if chapter display is disabled.
[2019-01-27]  FIX: MP4 length of first chapter is displayed also if listing chapters as separate
                   files is disabled. (#44331)


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