Just a fifth of Windows 10 PCs are running the latest version
Lots of people are clearly pressing the snooze button on critical updates, then

GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS for Microsoft. The good news is that nearly twice as many people are using the latest version of Windows 10 as there were a month ago. The bad news is that the update has been out for four months, and another version is just around the corner.

The stats come from AdDuplex, which is in a unique position to test Windows waters, on account of being part of more than 5,000 apps in the Microsoft Store. That gives the company a pool of over 100,000 PCs to analyse.

And just 21.2 per cent of those computers have run the October Update, dragging them kicking and screaming into version 1809. The April 2018 update (1803) is still by far the most used version with 71.6 per cent of PCs assessed still running it. That likely means they'll have to absorb two major updates when they join the 0.2 per cent of computers running 19H1 upon release.

Those running the Fall Creators Update (1709) dipped 0.3 per cent to 3.7, while those hipsters still running the Creators Update and earlier stayed steady at 3.2 per cent. Not listed: the 37 per cent of the world still plugging away with Windows 7.

AdDuplex also has some stats on Surface usage, and the most popular model remains the Surface Pro 4, followed by the 2017 Surface Pro and Surface Pro 3.





The cheap and cheerful Surface Go is in at number four, while the expensive and cumbersome Surface Studio is unsurprisingly in last place. Unsurprising, given you could buy seven Surface Go tablets for the price of one Surface Studio, and still have enough change to get a regrettable Windows 95 tattoo on the way home.