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Windows 7 Sets Early PC Sales on Fire


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It's still early, but the results for Windows 7 are looking positive, says Kathryn Huberty of Morgan Stanley in a note released this afternoon.

According to NPD, PC unit sales rose 40% year over year for the week ending October 24th, which included the first three days of Windows 7.

In the two weeks leading up to the Windows 7 release, sales were down 29% and 2% year over year as consumers anticipated the launch of the new OS. Before that, PC sales were only up around 17%-19%.

Morgan Stanley also notes that PC inventories were down 12% since the end of August, below the typical build of 3%. Those should build back up.

These are good early data points for Microsoft, Dell, and HP. In the long term, for Microsoft, the more important metric will be upgrades to Windows 7. Another thing to watch: Will Windows 7 win over customers from Mac? Or prevent customers from defecting?


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