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Express VPN and Youtube Vanced


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I'm currently using these Two aps and having some issues so I'm hoping you excellent people here at Nsane can help.


The stabiron mod Express VPN that I got here doesn't seem to allow me to Chromecast my apps i.e. there's no option in the app to allow my network.


The other issue is YouTube Vanced won't Chromecast when normal Youtube will.


My phone is an Umidigi Z2 Pro.





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I should of said that I use other VPNs' that allow the network but still won't Chromecast, they did in the past, by simply allowing the network but not now.


To reiterate - I've never had to do anything to my router for Chromecast whilst using VPNs'.


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You also need to block google DNS on your router or virtual router since the Chromecast will always go through it, revealing your real location.

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