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Version News for Windows

Version 10.9.25 Feb 25, 2019
* gs-server + Mediator: Fixed registration was happening too often, if no UPNP is present.
* Forwarder/GsServer: give client more time to close connection or send EOF.
* gs-runner: Use dynamic ports, if default port 33555 is taken.
* gs-server: Use dynamic port, if default port 33333 is taken.
* GSTP with no UDP: make it work faster by using Pipe Forwarder.
* GSTP file close: increase allotted time, so that it can complete.
* GSTP client: improved switching from Direct to Forwarder and back.
* GSTP receiver: fixed several issues, to speed up session pickup.
* Gs and Runner Installer: improved some sequences.

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