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Kiwi for Gmail-1 Year License


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Kiwi for Gmail offers a desktop client for accessing single or multiple Gmail accounts.

Available for both Windows and Mac, Kiwi lets you access  Google services Gmail (including calendar and contacts),  G-Suite apps (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) and Google Drive.

Kiwi enhances Gmail and makes G Suite apps work like a full-featured desktop productivity suite for both individuals and businesses.

Kiwi for Gmail Features:

  1. Use Gmail as a desktop app, freed from the browser
  2. Experience full G suite integration with up to six accounts.
  3. Use Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as native, windowed desktop applications.
  4.  Open recent documents and quickly access Google Drive files across multiple accounts.
  5. Huge attachments – Send giant files using Google Drive.
  6. Important only notifications – use this feature and filter the noise right out of your email effortlessly.
  7. Global shortcuts let you get to your email in a second.
  8. Do not disturb.
  9. Additional account colors.
  10. Plugins.
  11. Restore windows on restart.





Simply download the desktop client from here: for Windows and Mac.



Install and run the app, on the main interface app of the app you will notice “Your trail ends in 30 days– More Info”.

Click ‘More info’ and you will notice Subscription reminder window.

Click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button and in the next window click the ‘Buy Now” button. This will launch a link on your web browser.

Enter your Gmail address and click ‘ Continue’ button,  fill your Zip code (Pin code) and add the coupon code as  Holiday17.

Complete the check out process and you will receive the license key from Zive Inc.

Copy the code and now click the “Enter License” button on the desktop app. Enter your email id, license key, activate and restart the app.

Kiwi for Gmail license

That’s it, enjoy 1-Year Premium subscription for free.




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