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Memory-V by IK Multimedia


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Memory-V is based on the classic 18-oscillator monster analog polysynth, the legendary Memorymoog. Manufactured from 1981 to 1985, it’s often described as six Minimoogs in one unit! Its timbral palette is nothing short of impressive, capable of producing a huge variety of sounds including strings, brasses, pads, flutes as well as more percussive sounds.

The Memorymoog has earned the reputation of being one of the fattest-sounding analog polyphonic synthesizers ever made – and rightly so – but also of being somewhat unreliable and prone to damage. While, for most musicians, owning one is a fantasy – second-hand units can command a five-figure sum – the high price of maintenance is also a concern to most synth aficionados.

IK Multimedia wanted to truly immortalize this gem’s analog soul once and for all, so everyone could take advantage of its unmistakable sonic power.

IK Multimedia sourced a pristine unit, recorded the single oscillators, innovative combinations of multiple oscillators, along with unison stacks, pulse width modulation, and synched oscillators plus some classic full patches to bring this legendary beast to life once more.

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  • 5 GB of content
  • Over 6,000 samples
  • 148 instrument presets
  • 4 multis





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7 hours ago, Jogs said:

How to download, the download is no where to be seen.

Step-by-step as described above did you do that? And that's what I finally got. Key and downloads and you should get your own  serial


this is what i,ve got if you want it ;

here ;



Dear {customer_firstname}, Thank you for your purchase of FREE Download - Memory-V by IK Multimedia Here are the instructions to get the downloads:





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