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NOD32 not working?


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I found a shortcut in my startup folder with system32.exe!!!!

My PC was infected and NOD32 atualized...

Look at>>> http://::img225.imageshack.us/my.php?image...meumosca2bd.jpg


its base on your settings. and base on yours did you click to halt internet or quarantine?

after clicking on quarantine it would deleted the file in its install place and quarantine it for x amount of days before deleting. that too is base on your settings.

btw S: harddrive. hmm im guessing thats your p2p section?

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Well Lite, I know about it, but I talking about an "easy" virus....

And Myi... S is my network drive. After I foud manually that virus, it was moved by me to S: and detected for my pccillin as I show in my post :)

Wrong English? Sorry, allways sorry xD, but I have a good Portuguese, U know? ;)

Ty for replay

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