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Hi there!


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Hello there!

I have to admit freely that my english is very bad. Sorry for this.

I have read the rules but cant understand everything.

So, unaware as I was I wrote a "thank you" reply.
You all know, now I know too, this is not allowed here.

Thanks to Togijak for the advice.

Something about me:


middle age

curious about new software

sometimes drinking wine, sometimes too much

I dont know Togijak remember me, but he told me a long time ago about this

I know I write a little bit confused, sorry for this.

So, I only want to look around here, have some fun and sometimes
I can contribute something, how can I say, good comment.

For this few lines I take 30 Minutes.

Kind regards to all,


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Hello @half9988 from Belgium and welcome to NsaneForums!!!
I hope you enjoy the forums! :)
Have a nice day.

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Welcome to the community 🙂

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