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Check out these internet speeds and prices from multiple countries


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Check out these internet speeds and prices from multiple countries




In brief: Happy with your internet performance? According to a new report, the US is in fifth position when it comes to average download speeds. But if you want the fastest internet in the world, Singapore is the place to be.

British price comparison service Compare the Market created this table showing the average cost, download speed, and upload speed for internet users in countries around the world. Sitting at the top spot is Singapore, which has average 185.25 Mbps downloads and 192.08 Mbps uploads.

The rest of the top five is made up of Iceland (153.3 Mbps download/155.46 Mbps upload), South Korea (114.31/90.2), Hungary (108.78/44.44) and the US (107.28/37.11). Assuming the data is accurate, it shows US internet speeds are continuing to improve.


For those who complain about how long it takes to download a 50GB game from Steam, spare a thought for those in Brunei, whose average download speed is 15.15 Mbps.

When it comes to cost, the United Arab Emirates is the most expensive country in the world for accessing the internet, with an average monthly price of around $161 for an average download speeds of 38.16 Mbps. The table has Israel as the cheapest ($13.42), but other sites put the figure between the $25 - $30 mark. The average monthly US price, meanwhile, is $69.73.

To give an idea of what these speeds represent, the chart also shows how long it would take to download one hour of Netflix. In Singapore, it’s 16 seconds, while it takes 3 minutes and 18 seconds in Brunei.

Compare the Market didn’t include details of how it carried out the research or came up with these figures, but it’s worth remembering that they are averages—some people living in rural areas likely don’t get anywhere near their country’s listed speeds.

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10 Mbps, try to beat that. :P The cost of wanting unlimited uncapped internet.


Forget SG, HG looks really good deal there.

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