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World’s first female AI news presenter is all set to go on air next month


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Robo anchor: Worldâs first female AI news presenter is all set to go on air next month


China’s state run news agency Xinhua recently announced that their first female news reader named Xin Xiaomeng will go on air next month, she is reported to make her debut on the upcoming Two Sessions political meetings at the start of March.

The news agency has also released the first picture of Xin Xiaomeng, where she can be seen wearing a pink and maroon dress. The agency collaborated with search engine Sogou to develop Xin. Earlier, the Sogou also helped to develop the world’s first AI male news anchor.

The picture was released on twitter by People’s daily, China with the caption, “China’s Xinhua News Agency on Tuesday unveiled the world’s first female #AI news anchor, “Xin Xiaomeng,’ who will make her professional debut during the upcoming meetings of the country’s national legislature and top political advisory body #TwoSessions”

However, we have to give credit to the work of the companies because Xin looks so real that many social media users got confused, some even asked the company whether they were fooling people by using a human instead.



two thing i want know is it alitas mun and is it sexiest to have female robot

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