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Jdownloader 0.9.421


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Fixed freeze while JDownloader startup at Slashscreen


GUI bugfixes


updated languages (thanks to all translators)


External reconnect fixed (it might be neccessary to check/increase timeout values in your reconnect settings)

Hoster & Decrypter Plugins

As usually, we updated most of our plugins and even wrote a few new ones.


Megaupload fixes


Hellshare premium support


Kewlshare premium support


FileSendNet premium support


Turkdepot premium support


Sharesystems premium support


many more

Addon updates


JDChat and Scheduler Addon recieved some updates and bugfixes.


JDUnrar: fixed non working JDunrar on some systems and false positive CRC errors


Again, our captcha team did a great job and implemented many new captcha methods.

NetVision ISP and Rapidshare

More and more ppl having Netvision as ISP report strange problems(since the last 2-4 days) when they try to download from rapidshare. This is a Netvision issue! Please contact your isp and tell them about the issue and let THEM fix it.

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