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iBoysoft File Protector v2.0 for PC[EXPIRED]


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What do you do to protect the most important files on your system? Use passwords? Use encryption? What happens if a virus infects them and makes them inaccessible? To cover all of your bases, better pick up a copy of today’s discount software promotion, iBoysoft File Protector!

iBoysoft File Protector lets you safeguard files and folders against theft, leaks, loss, or corruption by malware. With iBoysoft File Protector, you’ll be able to prevent anyone else from viewing, changing, or deleting your files and folders, while also protecting them from virus attacks. Only the one true password grants access, and if you’re the only one who knows it, you’re the only one who’s authorized!

You have your choice of three methods of protection with iBoysoft File Protector – Deny Delete, Deny Read, and Deny Write. Use the one that’s best suited to your needs to ensure that no one will be able to access, delete or change your file, even viruses whose very job is to infect and alter key system files. Best of all, if you need to access protected files and folders frequently, you can designate a specific application that will be allowed access at all times.




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