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Phone opinions wanted plz


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If you were going to buy one of these phones which would it be based on quality? Plz select best to worst out of all three.








Is there any difference between phones bought from amazon or the wireless sellers (Cricket,Metropcs) or are they the same? I will use it for a phone, emails, notifications, browsing the net and watching movies. Also, how is metropcs reception and quality? I know like 3 yrs ago it was pitiful. Cricket is great.

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I would suggest Galaxy J7 Star


15 hours ago, Betts1964 said:


Is there any difference between phones bought from amazon or the wireless sellers (Cricket,Metropcs) or are they the same? 

The phones from the wireless carriers are with fixed plans and tied to the particular operator, however while buying from amazon, you are free to choose the operator.





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Dessie P. Krok
On 2/18/2019 at 8:00 PM, Betts1964 said:

some opinions on the phone carrier metropcs

It is a prepaid wireless carrier brand and in October 2012, the company, known then as MetroPCS, reached an agreement to merge with T-Mobile USA. On September 24, 2018, T-Mobile announced that it would re-launch the brand as Metro by T-Mobile. It introduces new unlimited plans offering bundled features such as Amazon Prime subscriptions and Google One storage.

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I'm not really fond of Samsung phones tbh, neither laptops. Maybe it's a problem in my country, but they're overly priced for their specs. I've seen way better phones with better specs cheaper than Samsung phones. They're also way too fragile. It's more of a gadget-y phone than a practical, durable one. If that's your thing, you can choose it nevertheless. IMHO, LG is an amazing brand and it's cost benefits are a feature to look into. Their phones are very durable and very practical on day to day life. I still prefer Asus or Motorola though, because they're always up to date, extremely powerful and as durable as a goddamn brick wall. Hope I helped, since unfortunately my point of view is extremely based on how brands perform in where I live. I don't know much about American operators, so I'll just excuse me from this discussion in particular, heheh.

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