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24: The Game Released


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Fans of the popular TV show "24" are now snapping up the latest addition to the franchise, the 24 game for PlayStation 2. Released yesterday to stores in the UK, the game retains the look and feel of the show with key cast members lending their voice talents. The game takes place between Season 2 and Season 3, and answers key questions such as "How did Kim Bauer end up working at CTU?" and "Who ran the country while President Palmer was fighting for his life?".

While first reviews have criticised some of gameplay elements, Sony Computer Entertainment (based in Cambridge, UK) have worked closely with the TV show's directors and storywriters to produce a game full of action that fans will want to buy, if only for the plot.

Website: 24: The Game





Unfortunately this is for PS2 only :P What a shame. I'm sure many of the fans would have preferred this on PC, myself included. I think they've shot themselves in the foot on this one.

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well i have the ps2 so it dont matter to me, although i do agree that they should release it on pc.

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Guest Unholy_Evil

in a popular shop i work at, we sold out of his game in like 2hours as we got the stock, personaly i dont know the appeal, i've never watch the series or played on a ps2, soo blaaa! to u.

hail king PC!

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