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PayPal Buyers purchasing intangible goods (such as digital goods) are now covered

Disco Bob

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If you purchase a code like tickets, e-codes, travel and so on, via selling sites and non-working, you'll now be able to put a claim in, before this wasn't covered and a lot of you lost your money.

PayPal is always looking for ways to make shopping safer. Buyers purchasing intangible goods (such as digital goods) and services can now be covered by Buyer Protection, in the same way as they are for physical items. If a buyer claims they haven’t received an eligible item or service or it was not as described, they can open a claim which PayPal will review. We want buyers to feel safe no matter what they’re buying.

This additional coverage gives your customers extra confidence when shopping for intangible goods (digital goods, event tickets and other intangible items) and services (such as travel). We expect your activity as a seller to benefit from this increase in buyer confidence.


Retain proof of transactions.

You’ll need to respond to all claims. If a customer opens an Item Not Received or Significantly Not as Described claim for an intangible or a service, we’ll need evidence that the buyer received the goods or service, or benefited from the transaction, and that it was as you described it to be.

Supply appropriate documentation.

Provide as much relevant evidence as you can to support your response to claims. The more the better. For example, for sales of digital downloads you might provide proof that you sent the buyer a link and that the buyer accessed the download including dates and times.


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