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[Update]Say hello to the new MSN butterfly


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Update.. Thanks to an anonymous Microsofty commentor, a full color version of the logo with a new lowercase font as well has been posted in all of its Web 2.0 glory above.




A trademark application filed earlier this month has quietly revealed a new logo for Microsoft’s online content brand MSN and, presumably, also its many regional subsidiaries.

Unfortunately with only a black and white preview to work with, it’s not fair to judge the new logo just yet but its obvious it still retains the now iconic butterfly which

was actually not that well received when it debuted in early 2000. And like many recent logo redesigns, this too seems to be all about simplifying the elements with the body of the

butterfly removed and wings rounded off to roughly stretched ellipses.

Ever since parts of MSN was (painfully) rebranded under Windows Live, the brand has lost some of its meaning and mojo. I can only hope with this new logo will also come a

refresh of the entire brand that clears the slate on what they do and where they’re heading.

Source: Istartedsomething.com

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MSN... one more of them over the top brands/unnecessary "things" @ M$... just do refuse to have anything with it myself!

What are you getting using it?- nothing! there always so much better apps/protocols to go by every task, that it would offer B)

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