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how to uncompress mp3 files


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Hello, i am looking for any software or method to uncompress mp3 files in whole hard drive at one go. What happened is that i used disk clean up utility and forgot to unclick the "compress old files". So now on one of my drive where all mp3 files are, got compressed including mp3s. It will be too troublesome to uncompress mp3 files in each folder and i am looking for some other easy method to do that. size of mp3 does not reduce at all by compression and you cant send those files to mobile without uncompressing them first. Any one who can help...........

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Right Click the drive > Properties > Uncheck/Untick Compress Drive to save disk space.

If it's already unticked, tick it, allow it to compress whole drive and then follow the above step. ;)

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clearly some sort of silly errors, I would do as DKT said, restart pc after every step, run simple ccLeaner in between...

Last resort - do system restore to the date of recent, no error having date

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