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Battlefield Developer: PC Gamers Deserve Extra Features Because They “Put up with More Crap”


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by Nathan Grayson

It’s a hard-knock life for us PC gamers. Long waits for games, glitch-ridden ports, patches that patch other patches – it’s all in the job description. But really, it’s not such a bad gig, especially when you’ve got allies like Battlefield developer DICE in your corner.

“The PC platform is usually expected to put up with a lot more ‘crap’ compared to consoles. While consoles may get the game on a certain date, PC users typically have to wait much longer for the same game, but in turn, they get the game for a lower price because there are no licensing fees like consoles have, and typically they get a few more perks thrown in compared to consoles just for good measure,” DICE community manager “Zerk16” replied when asked why a number of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 features are dodging consoles’ draft and defecting to the PC.

“Now, the reasons the PC platform are getting seemingly ‘better’ features in the game are a result of DICE ignoring the PC user base for the past 3-4 years and this is a homage to the PC platform, and also because it’s a lot of things that PC users simply deserve. If you have played games on the PC for the last ten years you would know what I’m talking about, otherwise I won’t even try to explain.”

“Better” features – in this case – include higher graphical resolutions, the ability to go prone, higher player counts in multiplayer matches, and DEDICATED SERVERS. Er, sorry about that. Sometimes we just can’t control the volume of our own voices. It’s the weirdest thing.

Obvious ploy to capitalize on Modern Warfare 2’s recent gaffe or not, though, we certainly appreciate the goodwill. So, those of you with a little extra boycott-borne scratch in your pockets, is Bad Company 2 on your radars?

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