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Are these driver cpompilation packs any good


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Hey guys I've dug out an old crappy 2mb cache hard drive to replace my dead WD myBook external and I'm quickly re-downloading all the software I had on the dead drive.

Everything is going good so far and I was wondering if these two driver packs are worth downloading.using??



The first one is twice the size of the second. I'm wondering if they work good.

Anyone tried them?

Thanks guys.

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I used to use driver packs and other AIO's (and I have mainly use XP) untill sometime, as when I given up on them "tools" and started to do everything as by each device/manufacture requirements- result whole load less of problems.

as to identifying as what device have got/dont have drivers- many useful tools, my preferd choice SIW

give it a go- tell us weather u find good! ^_^

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