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Intrusion Detection PRO (Android)


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Intrusion Detection detects intruders that can enter in private places in your absence. It's a lightweight app only 2 MB, and it's fast moving inside.
You can use your smartphone as a security camera and control intruder access in your room by detecting or preventing theft. In fact, his camera can shoot, save and send by e-mail photos of thieves who will pass in front. To avoid being detected yourself, you can unlock the alarm from a distance using the bluetooth of another device such as a smartphone, smartwatch, etc ..
Another feature is the detection of the intensity of the sound like a Soundmeter. So if someone tries to enter by forcing the door or the window and you can not hear it, an alarm will sound when the noise will exceed a certain volume that can wake you in case of deep sleep, or make you hear noises that you can not hear because you are in a another room.
In case you already have detection tools, it could be an extra safety measure.
Further uses:
-with the microphone detect if your baby wakes up sounding an alarm in a bluetooth case
- with the camera detect if your pet runs away from home
- check if the employee is at work and the card is not stamped by others
-Check if items left in one place are not stolen



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