In brief: Which tech company do you think people trust least when it comes to protecting their data? According to a recent survey, the answer is Facebook, unsurprisingly. 2018 has seen the social network experience a series of privacy scandals and data breaches, helping it become the most untrusted firm—and by a massive margin.

Consumer research company Toluna surveyed 1000 people earlier this month to discover which tech companies they distrust the most with their information. Topping the list was Facebook, which took a massive 40 percent of the vote. Both Twitter and Amazon, which came equal second, were on just 8 percent each.


Uber, which previously had a reputation for using unethical business practices such as the Greyball program, came fourth. And despite the Google+ data breach, only 6 percent of participants said they distrusted the tech giant. Netflix came away cleanest, with less than 1 percent of those surveyed saying they didn’t trust the streaming service with their data.

Facebook’s position at the top was pretty much expected. The company has had what is undoubtedly its worse year since inception. Cambridge Analytica, data sharing with Chinese manufacturers, breaches, exposing user photos, and special arrangements with firms including Spotify and Netflix have seen more users leaving, all while damaging the public’s perception of the firm.


Facebook’s scandal-filled 2018 has seen its stock price fall from around $180 to $124—its lowest point this year. As a result, around $15 billion has been wiped from Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth, which is more than anyone else on Bloomberg’s top 500 rich list.


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