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[Frontpaged] qBittorrent 4.1.5


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qBittorrent 4.1.5


Download | 32-bit - https://sourceforge.net/projects/qbittorrent/files/qbittorrent-win32/qbittorrent-4.1.5/qbittorrent_4.1.5_setup.exe
Download | 64-bit - https://sourceforge.net/projects/qbittorrent/files/qbittorrent-win32/qbittorrent-4.1.5/qbittorrent_4.1.5_x64_setup.exe



Changes in 4.1.5:

  • FEATURE: Add checking_mem_usage option to AdvancedSettings (FranciscoPombal)
  • FEATURE: Save torrents queue in separate file. Now a new file named 'queue' is created, saving on each line the infohash of each queued torrent in sorted order. (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Fix regression on resuming torrents without metadata (thalieht)
  • BUGFIX: Reorder and rename Tracker list context menu option (Thomas Piccirello)
  • BUGFIX: Rename Tracker List columns (Thomas Piccirello)
  • BUGFIX: Show error message when Session failed to start (glassez)
  • BUGFIX: Embedded tracker: Use ip parameter from tracker request if provided (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Fix weekday names translations (Chocobo1)
  • BUGFIX: Fix strings not translated (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Change qBittorrent exit message to HTML5 (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Revise CSP header (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Enforce referrer-policy in WebUI (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Add torrent name filtering to WebUI (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Send numeric status without translation (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add WebUI Trackers context menu (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add DHT, PeX, and LSD to WebUI Tracker list (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add additional Tracker columns to WebUI (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Bump Web API version
  • WEBUI: Fix display bugs in WebUI Files tab. Remove <IE9 support (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Fix incorrect priority value sent from WebUI (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Set priority for multiple files in one WebAPI request (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Match WebUI Peers table column order to GUI (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Fetch data less frequently when torrents tab isn't visible (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add Search tab to WebUI (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add ability to pass urls to the webui download page (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Fix JavaScript error (Tom Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Disallow setting a blank alternative WebUI location (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add slow torrent options (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add "Use alternative Web UI" option (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add "Apply rate limit to peers on LAN" option (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add email "From" option (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Set WebUI download options using set preferences (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Show list of categories on WebUI download page (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Hide WebUI text input for custom monitor save locations (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add "When adding a torrent" options (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add WebUI Auto TMM options (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add speed limit icons to WebUI Speed options (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Add WebUI Random port button and proxy unencrypted password notice (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Replace WebUI Options fixed-width labels (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Reorder WebUI options to match GUI (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Allow WebUI sidebar to be collapsed (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Show ellipsis when WebUI sidebar is too narrow (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Fix WebUI bug on override of Start Download option.Closes #9855. (Tom Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Fix missing words in WebUI (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Add SameSite attribute to WebUI session cookie (Thomas Piccirello)
  • WEBUI: Put WebUI security related options into a groupbox (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Add option for WebUI Host header validation (Chocobo1)
  • WEBUI: Show icon in WebUI sorted column (Thomas Piccirello)
  • RSS: Keep track of REPACK/PROPER downloads. Closes #9898. (Stephen Dawkins)
  • SEARCH: Only instantiate SearchPluginManager as needed (Thomas Piccirello)
  • MACOS: Make file icon look like other macOS icons (Nick Korotysh)
  • MACOS: Save option to start minimized in Mac (thalieht)




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