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Manage bookmarks on Windows with Ron's WebLynx


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Ron's Weblynx is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to manage bookmarks in a browser-independent environment.


Internet users who work with different browsers and sets of bookmarks face a tough challenge: how to manage all these bookmarks? One could manage each set individually, but what if access to a complete set of bookmarks in all browsers is the desired outcome?


The popular bookmark syncing extension XMarks is no more, and while you could use something like Syncmarx instead, it is limited to some browsers.


Another issue that may arise is that browsers don't verify bookmarks once they have been added. Browser extensions such as Bookmarks Clean Up for Google Chrome or Bookmarks Organizer for Firefox come to the rescue.

Ron's WebLynx

rons weblynx


Ron's WebLynx comes to the rescue. The program supports bookmark imports, verification, and management.


The application runs on all Windows versions starting with Windows Vista and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.


It uses link databases and the first thing that new users need to do is create a new database with just a few clicks.


A click on Management > Import displays the program's bookmark and link import options. Supported are direct imports from the Windows Favorites, Firefox, or Google Chrome, as well as imports from Outlook, a file, directory, Webpage, or the Clipboard.


Browser imports support the default profile only; you need to export bookmarks to a HTML file and load it in the program using the File import option to add it to the manager.


Tip: use the directory import option if you have multiple bookmarks HTML files.


You may select a destination folder in the link hierarchy and add tags to the imported bookmarks as well if you want to. Multiple sets of bookmarks may be placed in a single root folder to merge them. You may need to go through the listing after the import to make sure there are not any dupes.


You may run link verification checks at any time with a click on Home > Check Links. The useful "all" option verifies all links in the loaded database. Ron's WebLynx verifies each link and highlights the status of each entry afterward.


A green checkmark indicates that the link is working, a broken icon that it is not. Double-click on any link to verify the status; links are loaded in the default browser when you double-click on them.


manage links


You can edit or delete links, or move them to another location. Editing gives you control over the link target and title, descriptions, ratings, tags, and notes that you may add. Links may be rated as well and you may sort listings using filters at the top.


Individual links, a selection, or all links, may be exported to various formats including HTML and XML.


HTML files are useful when it comes to the importing of links back into browsers.


A sample workflow could involve importing bookmarks from all browsers used into Ron's WebLynx application, verifying them, and exporting them again to all browsers so that all browsers have access to the same set of bookmarks.


The bookmark manager may be used to verify link targets but it does not include options to search for duplicate bookmarks; this is probably the biggest shortcoming of the application at this point in time.


Another thing that is puzzling is that the application displays a "x days until new version needed" toolbar at the bottom. While free, it suggests that users need to update the program regularly to continue using it.

Closing Words

Ron's WebLynx is a useful program for Windows to import, manage, and export bookmarks. The application supports a number of useful features including bulk imports, verification of all links, tags and notes support, ratings, and options to export bookmarks to formats that browsers support.


The lack of duplicate checking support is certainly the main issue when it comes to the program's functionality.


Source: Manage bookmarks on Windows with Ron's WebLynx (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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