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Forex Autp Pilot Programs


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Hey guys,

I'be been skimming the Forex auto pilot programs and most claim to have made money. I dont' expect "Get Rich quick" schemes but seems like a good investment over a period of time. Does anyone have any experience with these programs? I'm 2 clicks away from purchasing FAPTurbo to test it out, but being a graduate I dont have that type of money to throw away.

Thanks guy.

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Do your homework on this.. I have been confronted from everything from multi-level marketing schemes to investment scams.. in my time.. and some people even seem completely legitimate.. These seminars on TV and advertised in e-mail and on sites about how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month..Its crap..

I would say you would be better of putting your money into Mutual Funds or MAYBE even starting a 401K.. start to plan for when its over now.. Don't be an investor.. Be the guy who is scooping up the investments.. and making something for yourself...There are usually low end returns.. if any at all.. and MANY MANY times especially in the economy we have now.. these things don't go well.. and nothing.. I do mean NOTHING is something you can count on ... Except for there to be someone there to take your money and stick in in their pocket..

Do your research and find out what several places have to say about it before even considering it.. and do NOT feel the pressure.. there is no necessity except for he entity to get your money NOW.. if you get my drift..don't make the mistake or even consider making the wrong decision if its feels wrong.. or you question it..make sure you have an avenue of legal recourse and that there are agreements and contracts signed concerning these things.. without it.. they will not be liable for any damages.. IF in fact that agreement states only protection of the entity then bail..

Think about it.. and also consider the level the operation is on and watch for sensationalist ideas.. and sale-ing points.. if its real .. 9 times out of 10..It will not need this kind of thing...

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Very nice and informative post. Thank Heath.

I've been looking into it for months and by looking I mean googling. I do have doubts and by reading your post I guess i'm taking unnecessary risks but my curiosity is getting the better of me. There are articles on ezinearticles that state its legitimacy but I doubt the legitimacy of the site itself anyway. I have found youtube videos of a man who lost 900 dollars in 20 mins yet in his comment section people were arguing him over his settings and they had actually made a profit in the same period.

I dont know. I guess the lack of income is promoting me to find legit schemes which I know, usually dont exist.

Thanks.. Any more users?

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I want to mention one more thing.. here and I think its disgusting.. but its real and it happens.. Your in college.. I am guessing and needing money.. Some of these schemes really center around what sounds to be real investments and they seem to target several demographics.. You see a hike in advertising to the demographic and the reason being that a certain age group is in some cases a one way ticket into the mom and dad's pocket as well.. So they target young adults in college, even certain groups.. Its more like a 'predatorial' thing.. Credit lenders and 'Card' companies as well.. the ones who charge you money so you can spend your money.. Like most..

The same types of individual target the elderly as well.. and through marketing techniques target those struggling out there.. Promises and hope for financial security ( which we know does not exist ... welcome to the roller-coaster )..Health benefits from books, Insurance Companies, new found cures, ways to make money - written by the salesman himself, minimal involvement, learning courses...you name it.. All center around the American Dream.. which has been around since the 40's and 50's or so..BUT what people fail to realize is that all these people are doing is capitalizing on the idealism of the American Dream itself.. That technically is the product you are buying..

I mean while I am at it I might as well sell you the code to the worm which nabs all the left over 10th, 100th's of cents left over in the banking system.. and automatically deposits the money in a Swiss Bank Account.. LOL..j/k

My point is that you do have to beware.. and you can expect it.. With basic knowledge of the economy.. what it depends on .. business.. and so on.. What you observe out here can blind you and it can also open up your eyes.. Its also a point which career criminals and other white collar/blue collar thieves look for.. a point of what would seemingly be .. vulnerability.. some times that can be experience and knowledge.. Watch what you get involved with .. it can happen too fast to stop..

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