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Calibre 3.36.0

Download | x86 - http://status.calibre-ebook.com/dist/win32

Download | x64 - http://status.calibre-ebook.com/dist/win64

Download | Portable - http://status.calibre-ebook.com/dist/portable



Changes in 3.36.0:


New features

  • Happy Holidays to everyone!
  • Kobo driver: Add supported for newly released firmware update

Bug fixes

  • Kobo driver: Fix a regression in the last release that caused book title to appear as unknown if metadata management was set to manual in calibre.

    Closes tickets: 1807914

  • PDF Output: Do not fail if one of the fonts from the source document has no name metadata

Improved news sources

  • Wall Street Journal
  • ESPN
  • Al Jazeera (English)




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