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[Recommendation] Point-and-Shoot Camera (4k)


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I know that most cameras for 4k shooting can get up there in price, so curious for those that may have  knowledge about this to give in input.


I'll be attending a few concerts early next year and thought to upgrade from my old Sony DSC_WX35 that did well for 1080p recording to do some 4k recording.

I know some may say to just use your phone camera to record, but I guess for me, when it comes to recording video I'm more of a Point-and-Shoot camera than using a phones (more or less my recently purchased OnePlus 6T definitely doesn't do that well in low light.)


So curious what recommendations there are that don't break your wallet, so I'm hoping something that's under $700 maybe even $600. As these will be used for concerts (low-light).


I saw a few but unsure if they are that great. I know a few have recommended to me the Sony RX100 (IV/V/VI) but those are definitely on the upper price range, even the IV.

The below are some I saw that seem reasonably priced:
Sony DSC-HX99

Canon PowerShot SX740

Panasonic LX10

Panasonic DMC ZS100


Of course open to others, but I guess overall for me is how the 4k recording is, and I think for the most part most only allow up to 5mins of recording, correct?
{And then I'd most likely need to purchase a memory stick for it too.}


Thank you.

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