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Windows 10 19H1 Build 18305 Launches with Simplified Start, New Features


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The latest preview build of the year is now available

Microsoft has just released a new Windows 10 19H1 preview build for the Fast ring with lots of new features, including a simplified Start layout.

Windows 10 build 18305 is the latest major update released this year, and Microsoft introduces a new default Start layout for new devices, new user accounts, and clean installs.

“The new layout has been simplified into a sleek one column design with reduced top-level tiles. For the IT admins out there, don’t worry, commercial and education customers will also see a simplified layout tailored to these scenarios,” Microsoft says.

With this build, the software giant also introduces Windows Sandbox, a tool that lets you run files in a secure desktop environment, as well as Tamper Protection in Windows Defender Antivirus to prevent changes to security features in the operating system.

Microsoft has also updated the Protection History experience to provide more information on the discovered threats and available actions, and starting with this build, Controlled folder access blocks are also displayed in this screen.

Hello, kaomoji!

Windows 10 build 18305 continues Microsoft’s focus on emoji and provides users with access to symbols and kaomoji when pressing the Windows key + semicolon.

Clipboard history has been updated with a new look as well, and Microsoft is also working on making passwords obsolete by letting users with accounts configured with phone numbers to sign in using a code delivered via SMS.

The same build comes with a series of smaller refinements too, including shadows across the operating system.

“Shadows are part of our long-term vision of the evolution of Fluent Design, and we’re excited to bring them back to you today after addressing some of the feedback you shared with us following the initial rollout,” Microsoft says.

There are lots of other general changes and improvements, but also known issues, and you can check them in full in the box after the jump.


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Something to look forward to: Windows 10 Insiders got a look at the latest version of the operating systems today after Microsoft released a test build. There are 16 major changes in the pipe and dozens of optimizations and bug fixes. Here we take a quick look at a few of them.

Microsoft has just announced a Windows 10 Insider test build (18305). One major feature coming is a sandbox mode, which we covered in-depth this morning. However, Windows Sandbox is just one of over a dozen changes that are coming next year in 19H1. Some of the more notable features coming to the OS include a simplified Start layout, Kaomoji support, a new settings homepage, and a new Office app.

The new Start menu is more organized and clean looking. Programs occupy one column, and top-level tiles have been trimmed down. The change is part of Redmond's continuing tweaks to the Start layout that began with adding the ability unpin folders and tiles and uninstall additional inbox apps.


Emojis are already easy to use in Windows 10. Simply hit the windows key and period, and you get access to just about any emoji. With 19H1 users will gain access to symbols and Kaomoji as well.

If you’ve ever been in a heated texting argument and felt like flipping over a table, you know the frustration of trying to remember all the Alt key combinations to create (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. With the upcoming release, users will be able to select from a wide array of Kaomoji.


Microsoft is changing the Settings homepage to be a bit more user-friendly. It is modeled after the Microsoft account homepage and features a heading at the top with easy access to OneDrive, Phone, Updates, and Rewards. The icons allow users to reach the most common settings quickly.

A new Office app will also be making its debut. It is designed after the Office web experience and streamlines the UI for more efficient use. The app has a hub for recently used files. Users will be able to switch smoothly between documents, spreadsheets, or other Office suite formats.


For enterprise users, it can be customized to include business applications built on the Azure Active Directory. Admins can also integrate corporate branding into the app for a unique professional look.

Other upcoming features include Windows Security app improvements, Clipboard history tweaks, password-less sign in, streamlined PIN reset, troubleshooting recommendations, automatic restart and sign on (ARSO) for enterprises, tweaks to File Explorer and Task Manager, and much more. You can check out a full list of features, changes, and bug fixes at the Windows Blog.



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