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Open Acronis backup (.tib)


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I got the volume one of the Acronis Image backup( b4_s1_v1 ) encrypted. Still have the volume two (_b4_s2_v1) but can not loaded since, Acronis is looking for volume 1 to continue.


My question, is there any possibility that this volume (volume 2) can be read?


This is my last hope of saved some files after my hp PC got by DJVVV ransoware.


All your help is welcome. Thanks for the help.


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try a right click on first volume and look if file history haves a previous copy ? (previous version) ?

if file history is enabled.


otherwise it will be not possible to open it.

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Had a client that was infected and v1 and v2 were entryped by Ransom ware.  v3 was not. ?... I simply copied that volume(V3) to a clean  external HD, attached to a none infected system and was able to read with no problem.

went to infected computer boot - installed a new clean HD, clean installed Windows, installed Acronis, attached the external HD with image and restored the v3 since the backup was a FULL Image. not incremental or differencial.


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