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Microsoft’s Emails Come with Gift Cards Hiding Behind the Christmas Trees


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Literally, there’s a little gift behind the trees

If you’re the type of user that instantly deletes email newsletter always thinking they should unsubscribe, just don’t do this for a while. Or at least, not for Microsoft’s emails.

Because as it turns out, the software giant has started sending out emails that come with a little surprise hiding behind the Christmas trees that are embedded in these messages.

As discovered by some reddit users, Microsoft is offering $10 gift cards in its newsletters, and while the emails don’t say anything about such a campaign at first, what you need to do is to click the Christmas trees in the lower part of the message.

Doing this should point users to a different website where they can claim the $10 gift card, according to user posts.

While this may sound like a hoax, it’s 100 percent legit, and Microsoft has reportedly been doing this for several weeks already. There are users claiming that gift cards have even been included in newsletters sent to users on Black Friday.

Offer expired?

At the same time, there are also users who explain that clicking the link and trying to claim the gift cards doesn’t work and they are, in fact, provided with a message revealing the offer has expired. There are mixed reports in this regard, as others say everything is still working correctly.

A number of users tried to reach out to Microsoft Support to ask for assistance, but they’re being told the campaign came to an end and gift cards are no longer available.

Given that Microsoft hasn’t provided any announcement in this regard, it’s not known how long this is going to last, but I think users should be able to claim their gift cards by Christmas.

We contacted Microsoft for a few more details on this and will update the article if an answer is offered.


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