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Dell Boomi Delivers Security, Usability and Flexibility With Latest Release

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Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the leading enterprise transformation provider of cloud integration and workflow automation to build The Connected Business, announced its Fall 2018 release of the Boomi platform. This update reinforces Boomi’s mission to provide enterprise-grade security, enhanced usability and expanded flexibility for customers.

Boomi prides itself in developing a platform that makes people’s jobs easier and creates a supportive environment where businesses can succeed. Technology is changing and Boomi is evolving alongside to ensure that our customers have the best possible solutions to meet their business needs,” said Steve Wood, Chief Product Officer at Dell Boomi. “With our new capabilities, we are continuing to reimagine the iPaaS industry and deliver on our vision of The Connected Business.”

Boomi recognizes the vital need for customer ease of use and has made it a business priority to create the best environment for users to succeed. As market needs evolve and customers use iPaaS for a wider variety of use cases, Boomi continues to provide additional and advanced features that enable IT organizations to meet their expanding requests. Boomi’s new features work to improve productivity and efficiency across the entire organization.


Boomi’s Fall 2018 release focuses on:

  • Boomi for blockchain integration – Boomi’s solution provides support for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, the leading blockchain platforms. This integration works with customers to ensure they are able to quickly and easily incorporate blockchain smart contracts into their business processes. As the industry evolves, blockchain integration is vital for organizations to stay competitive in the market.
  • Enterprise Grade Security – New two-factor authentication login support, stricter concurrent session controls and virus scans for file uploads provide increased security for Boomi customers. Enhanced account and user security, comes with new Flow-multi region feature that allows businesses to restrict access to specific regions. Now, for example, if a user wants their runtime data to be in France and the enterprise apps built with Flow to be accessible only in Singapore, this can be configured in just a matter of minutes.
  • Enhanced Usability – Boomi continues to address the needs of all users by adding new features that allow customers to work faster and increase productivity. Additional dashboard filters, visualizations and the ability to export Boomi Flow data greatly increases developer efficiency. Organizations engaged in workflow automation and low code application development using Boomi Flow can now obtain a 360-degree view of their workflows and their runtime status. With this new view, organizations gain greater agility and the ability to respond faster to their workflow management needs.
  • Expanded Platform Capabilities – Boomi’s enhanced connector capabilities expand how customers can complete their tasks, whether that is in Boomi or outside of Boomi. As part of this new update, Boomi has developed broader open features so users can seamlessly work with some of the biggest technology companies in the space, including Google, Salesforce and Workday. In fact, with Workday’s Prism Analytics, users can bring together their data from any source to prepare, analyze and securely share it throughout their organization.
  • New, Free On-Demand Training and Professional Certifications – There are currently more than 11,000 Certified Boomers and Boomi continues to grow that number with the release of new, free on demand certifications. The latest certifications include Professional API Design and Management Certification, Professional Linux Operational Administrator Certification, and Boomi Flow Associate Certification. All on-demand certifications by Boomi are currently available for free.

Boomi matches our spirit of continued innovation. We need technology solutions that can expand and evolve with our changing demands. In just six months, Boomi has helped us to manage the increasing complexity that comes with that,” said Tara Gambill, Senior Director of Enterprise Systems at MOD Pizza. “With Boomi, we have been able to quickly and easily manage our store and employee data and onboard new workers – all while feeling confident that the data we are working with is accurate.”



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