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Windows 7 predicted to fare well in business market


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Study suggests that firms planning quick adoption

A recent study suggests that Microsoft Windows 7 could see a warm reception from businesses in the coming months.

According to a study conducted by research firm ITIC, some 49 per cent of businesses surveyed plan to adopt Windows 7 within the coming year, and another 11 per cent expecting to update with the release of the first service pack.

The survey also found that of those who had used pre-release versions of Windows 7, 80 per cent rated the operating system as "very good" or "excellent, " while only two per cent rated the operating system as "poor."

Of those who had yet to plan an upgrade, the most common reasons given were that companies were waiting for compatibility issues to be worked out and a lack of interest or satisfaction with their current operating system.

The report is the latest indication that Windows 7 will receive a far warmer reception in the market than that of its predecessor, Windows Vista. Early reviews have been favourable, and pre-release sales have been very strong thus far.

ITIC principal analyst Laura DiDio cautioned, however, that the success of Windows 7 is far from being assured, and that the early months of availability will be crucial for Microsoft.

"It will be incumbent on Microsoft to respond in a forthright, timely and efficient manner to any technical issues that arise during the first wave of user deployments," wrote DiDio.

"As Microsoft knows only too well from its Vista experience, it will not get a second chance to make a good first impression."

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