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0 byte file from IP Filter Downloader 1.1


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Hello friends and forum staff, if can be helpful for you:


@echo off
if exist ipfilter.zip del ipfilter.zip /Q/F
if exist ipfilter.dat copy /Y ipfilter.dat ipfilter.dat.bak
if exist ipfilter.dat del ipfilter.dat /Q/F
wget -t 10 -nd http://upd.emule-security.org/ipfilter.zip
7z.exe x ipfilter.zip
del ipfilter.zip /Q/F
ren guarding.p2p ipfilter.dat
SET SourceDir=
SET CopyDir=
SET FilePatterName=*ipfilter*.dat

FOR %%A IN ("%SourceDir%\%FilePatterName%") DO (
    ECHO F | XCOPY /Y /F "%%~A" "%CopyDir%\"
    DEL /Q /F "%%~A"
echo Done.



Happy Christmas holidays to you all.

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