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Microsoft is testing a new header for the Windows 10 Settings app


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Microsoft seems to be working on a redesign for the Windows 10 Settings app. Twitter user Florian B. shared a screenshot of a new version of the app that features a large header with user information.


In addition to the user's name and e-mail, the header also includes links to things such as Your Phone and Windows Update settings. A link to Microsoft Rewards was also added in a second iteration of the redesign:


It already changed again, rewards now (buttons are clickable). #Windowsinsiders
The new interface was spotted in build 18298, which was released earlier this week, but it seems to be in some form of A/B testing stage as it isn't showing up on our devices just yet. The fact that two different versions of the header have already been spotted also suggests that the design isn't finalized as well.

A/B testing isn't all new for Insiders, and build 18298 actually introduced a few improvements that were approved after being tested with only a small group of Insiders. If the changes to Settings receive positive feedback, they'll likely make their way to everyone soon as well.



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Seems interesting...... let’s see how it turns out.

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