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[1.7.16291]				        2018/12/12
+ Added online subtitles database tab into browser window
+ Added the ability to keep playback speed changes

- Fixed an issue that prevents to create thumbnail image when Bluesky Frame Rate Converter is used
- Fixed an issue that aspect ratio was abnormal when rotate function is used
- Fixed a problem where some MP4 files were playing fast
- Improved playback of HTTP streams
- Fixed a problem where styles in certain SSA/ASS subtitle files was incorrectly parsed
- Fixed a problem that can not play WMV/ASF files on certain PCs
- Improved subtitle searching to match the video
- Improved speed of loading skin files
- Fixed a problem that occurs when playing certain MKV files
- Fixed an issue where times in certain SRT subtitle files was incorrectly handled
- Improved the option "remember playback positions within a playlist" so that it can be set individually in each playlist


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