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Armed British police use stun gun on man inside grounds of parliament


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LONDON (Reuters) - Armed British police used a Taser stun gun to restrain a man inside the grounds of parliament in Westminster on Tuesday, a Reuters photographer who witnessed the incident said.




“Stop. Get down,” police shouted at the man shortly before noon just inside parliament’s main Carriage Gates, the photographer said.


Reuters pictures showed armed police using a stun gun on the man on the cobbled forecourt. He was later handcuffed as police pointed a gun at his head.


“A man was detained and arrested by Carriage Gates inside the Palace of Westminster on suspicion of trespassing at a protected site,” police said. “A Taser was deployed. Enquiries into the circumstances continue.”


The incident happened near where 52-year-old Khalid Masood stabbed an unarmed police officer to death in March 2017 after killing four people on nearby Westminster Bridge. He was shot dead.


In August, a man was arrested after driving a car into pedestrians and cyclists before ramming into barriers outside the parliament building in what police said appeared to be a terrorism attack.



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18 minutes ago, jabrwky said:


i respect  peoples rights too believe as they wish .. Even though i believe all religion to be a crock of :shit:.  As many wars was started under Christianity  and hate groups like the kkk  were backed by it are terrorist and the Irish iRA are terrorist too . So they is good people and bad in all religion just many don't practice what  there religions teach there twisted . me i don't believe in things i can't see i'm a realist  and no one can prove that a super being exist .

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