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Mozilla Firefox 64 Now Available for Download on Windows, Linux, and macOS


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New stable of the browser released a few minutes ago

Mozilla has just released Firefox 64 stable for users on Windows, Linux, and macOS, with the Android version likely to be updated in the coming hours.

While checking for updates using the built-in update engine may not offer you Firefox version 64, you can download the browser using the links below, as Mozilla has just updated its servers with the new builds.

Firefox 64 introduces a series of changes that were previously tested as part of the beta versions, including recommended extensions. This feature is supposed to help improve the experience with the browser by providing suggestions on services that are relevant to your activity.

Additionally, Firefox 64 also introduces refinements to the built-in task manager, so you can now see the running tabs and the impact they have on the battery. Needless to say, this is particularly helpful for those launching Firefox on a laptop.

Mozilla is yet to provide the full release notes for this new version, but we’ll update the article with more information when they are available.

The last Firefox update of 2018

Mozilla Firefox 64 is the latest release of the company in 2018, with the next version to land in early 2018.

Firefox has remained one of the few browsers that compete against the Chromium engine, especially after Microsoft recently announced that it would also give up on EdgeHTML and build its very own Google Chrome browser. Mozilla hasn’t received this news with much enthusiasm, and the company actually emphasized that more companies doing this only provides Google with more power.

Microsoft will migrate to Chromium in 2019, and a preview version of its browser will be released for testing in the first months of the year.

You can download Mozilla Firefox 64 for Windows, Linux, and macOS from these links right now.


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Firefox 64.0 Release Information

The Firefox 64.0 Stable release data is December 11, 2018. Mozilla published Firefox 63.0 in October 2018; Firefox 64 is the last major release of the web browser in 2018.


Our release overview provides you with detailed information such as a list of important changes, security information, developer changes, and known issues.


All Firefox channels are updated at the same time. Firefox Stable is updated to version 64.0, Firefox Beta to version 65.0, Firefox Nightly to version 66.0, and Firefox ESR to version 60.4.

Executive Summary

Firefox 64.0 download and update

firefox 64.0 release


Firefox 64.0 was first offered on December 11, 2018 to all users. The update may not yet be available if you read the guide on December 11.


Firefox is set up to download and install updates automatically. You can run a manual check for updates to pick up the new version that way.


Just select Menu > Help > Check for Updates to run a manual check for updates. The update is downloaded and installed automatically or manually then depending on Firefox's configuration.


Users who prefer manual downloads can do so by following the links below.

Firefox 64.0 Changes

Recommendations incoming

firefox recommended extensions


Only enabled for users in the U.S., Firefox may display recommendations to users based on activity and other metrics.


Users who visit certain sites, e.g. YouTube or Reddit, may notice a new recommended icon in Firefox's address bar. A click on it displays a suggested extension along with options to install it in Firefox.


Mozilla notes that users may also see suggestions for Firefox features and services based on usage.


Check out our guide on disabling extension recommendations in Firefox here. The feature is powered by this preference: about:config?filter=browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.asrouterExperimentEnabled

Extension management changes

firefox cards addons


Mozilla implemented several changes in Firefox 64.0 that affect extension management. The layout of the about:addons page was switched to a cards design. Each add-on on the page is listed as a card now in Firefox 64.0.


Cards can be expanded with a click, and the buttons to change the status of the extension, remove it, update it, or open its options are provided.


The new layout is not well suited for small browser windows.


Other extension related changes include right-clicking on any extension in Firefox's main toolbar to remove it, sticky extension installation notifications, and the highlighting of extensions that manage notifications in the Notification Permission dialog.

Multi-tab operations

firefox multi tabs


Firefox users may select multiple tabs in the new version of the browser. Just hold down the Ctrl-key and left-click on tabs to select/deselect them.


Drag and drop is supported to move the selection of tabs in the same browser window or to another window.


Right-click actions, e.g. pin, close, or bookmark, are supported as well.


Selected tabs display a colour on top of the tabbar.

Task Manager on about:performance

firefox task manager


Mozilla changed the content displayed on about:performance in Firefox 64.0. The current version displays open tabs and extensions, and the energy impact of each item listed.


Firefox developers plan to add memory information to the page and other options eventually. For now, it is rather bare bones.


Other changes

  • RSS/Atom feed previews have been removed. Mozilla asks affected users to install add-ons to replace the functionality.
  • Performance improvements on Linux and Mac systems "by enabling Link Time Optimization". The feature launched for Windows in Firefox 63.0.
  • New native sharing support in Windows.
  • Policy engine update on Mac OS X.
  • Redesign of about:crashes to make it clearer when crash reports are submitted to Mozilla.
  • Mac OS X: keyboard shortcuts Apple-Enter replaced with Ctrl-Enter to add www. and .com to a URL.

Firefox 64.0 known issues

Developer Changes

  • The Accessibility info bar, displayed when you hover over items on the webpage when you are in the Accessibility tab of the Developer tools, displays colour contrast information.
  • The device selection is saved in Responsive Design Mode between sessions.
  • Developer Tools GCLI has been removed. See Developer Toolbar removal.
  • The preference layout.css.filters.enabled was removed. CSS Filters cannot be disabled anymore.
  • Extensions may control context menus.
  • CSS Grid Inspector supports overlaying up to 3 CSS grids.
  • WebVR support on Mac OS X.
  • JavaScript syntax is highlighted in the console.

Firefox 64.0 for Android

  • Scrolling was improved to be "faster and more responsive".
  • File downloads are no longer deleted on the Android device when Firefox is removed.
  • Addressed performance issues for users with installed password managers.
  • Fixed a loading indicator issue that used too much CPU and power.

Security updates / fixes

  • Symantec issued certificates, Symantec, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte, Verisign, are distrusted.

All patched security issues in Firefox 64.0 are listed here.




Firefox 65.0 Stable will be released on January 29, 2019 according to schedule. Mozilla may release minor updates for Firefox 64.0 in the coming weeks if issues are found.


Additional information / sources


Source: Firefox 64.0 Release Information (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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