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EVGA Launches EVGA HYBRID RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 Kits

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It’s no secret that reference designed cards run faster and cooler under water, and EVGA is no stranger to making that as easy as ever.  This was something EVGA has been rocking since the Maxwell days with the introduction of their GTX 980 Hybrid and later released the Hybrid Upgrade Kit and it was so well received they’ve been doing it ever since.  With every generation they make notable improvements.  With the 10 series came an additional cold plate for the memory to help lower the temperature of the memory chips by sinking them to the cold plate on the pump and separate VRM cooling.  This time they brought back those great features but added in asynchronous fan control through Precision X One allowing you to set the radiator fan and the VRM fan independently of each other.

While at $169.99 it’s not the cheapest of add ons it does offer value to people who want to lower the temperatures of their RTX cards without going the full water loop route.  While it does have a wide range of compatibility by including RTX 2070 support, it’s important to check compatibility as it’ll fit the EVGA RTX 2080s including the Founders Edition model (excluding FTW) and RTX 2070s it will not fit the RTX 2070 Founders Edition.


The EVGA HYBRID cooler for the GeForce RTX 2080/2070 is an all in one water cooling solution that significantly lowers the GPU and VRAM operating temperature. Best of all? The water cooler is completely self-contained with the included 120mm radiator and fan. No filling, no custom tubing, and no maintenance. Just plug and play! Control both radiator and VRM fans using EVGA Precision X1. This upgrade kit is compatible with all reference height EVGA GeForce RTX 2080/2070 series graphics cards with the power connectors on the top of the graphics card. *Not compatible with FTW or NVIDIA RTX 2070 Founders Edition*



The EVGA Hybrid RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 kits are now available through the EVGA store for $169.99.



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