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Utah police bust a buzzed 'Mr. Buzz' for impersonating an officer


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Officers with the Springdale Police Department arrested an allegedly intoxicated man who was impersonating an officer at a Best Western hotel.




According to Springdale police, Alexander Buzz used an old security badge tied to a lanyard around his neck when he entered the hotel and asked for access to the pool to "apprehend someone."


Buzz had gotten out of a black Ford Crown Victoria, which is a common car used by police officers.


Police say Mr. Buzz smelled of alcohol and hotel employees called police when they became suspicious of Buzz.


When police arrived, they stopped the Crown Victoria at 2400 Zion Park Blvd., which had two males inside: Buzz and Jeffrey Snyder, both of Cedar City.


A probable cause statement released by The Springdale Police Department said the following of Buzz, who was the passenger in the vehicle:



Alexander [Buzz] said he had been drinking a lot of alcohol. Alexander [Buzz] said he was carrying his concealed weapon and it was loaded. Alexander [Buzz] had a loaded handgun that was located in the back of his pants. Alexander [Buzz] said he was pretty intoxicated and did not carry the weapon into the restaurant. Alexander [Buzz] had a security jacket on with two security patches on each side of the sleeves. A security badge was located on a chain that belonged to Alexander [Buzz]. Alexander [Buzz] said the badge belonged to him but he was not sure if he was wearing it in the hotel. Alexander [Buzz] had a pair of handcuffs on his person also. Alexander [Buzz] said the badge and jacket were from his security job in Las Vegas. Alexander [Buzz] had not worked for the security company for a year.


Police searched the vehicle and found a marijuana pipe, a .22 caliber rifle and a handgun. Snyder also had a knife in his pocket, according to the probable cause statement.


Police say Snyder said the marijuana pipe and weapons were his. Police said the pair were drinking together at The Brew Pub.





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