Something to look forward to: Discord is increasingly looking to become a one-stop shop for gamers. The app started as a mere text and voice communications platform, but it now has its own built-in Store, video call functionality, and more. To capitalize on all this growth, Discord has announced its first ever "Snowsgiving" event, which kicks off on December 7.

Much like similar holiday-themed events on platforms like Steam, Snowsgiving will feature hefty discounts for games available through Discord's in-app storefront, as well as hardware giveaways, game code giveaways, and -- perhaps most interestingly -- a major game tournament with a $26,000 prize pool.

The tournament will pit players, veteran and new, against each other in Minion Masters, which is one of Discord's timed exclusive "First on Discord" titles. For the unaware, Minion Masters is a 1v1 or 2v2 PvP game that blends elements of RTS, card combat, and tower defence titles. Players assemble a 10-card deck of minions, spells, or buildings and hop into the game's matchmaking system to duke it out with other users.

None of us at TechSpot have tried the game for ourselves, but it seems entertaining enough. Better yet, it's free to download, with a relatively small file size to boot - so there's not much to lose by giving it a shot, whether you decide to take part in the aforementioned tournament or not.


Speaking of the tournament, joining in on the fun is fairly easy. All you have to do is hop into Minion Masters between now and December 13 and climb the solo leaderboards.

After that period of time ends, Discord staff will invite the top 128 ranked players to compete in the next bracket of the competition, where they will have a chance to earn cash and "swag" prizes.

If a game tournament isn't really your cup of tea, Discord still wants to draw your attention to Snowsgiving. In addition to the game code giveaways mentioned before, the platform is also letting users try 4-player "hide-and-seek shooter" At Sundown for free until December 9.