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Ad Muncher is back - free


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Ad Muncher, an add blocker, is back as a free version. Is this another scam  trick from the author to collect donations from the users.




  1. Free: Ad Muncher, which used to cost $29.95 for the first year and $19.95 every succeeding year, has just been made into a freeware so users can enjoy it without having to spend anything at all.
  2. Browser Compatibility: Ad Muncher does not dictate which browser you can use as it is compatible with all internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and other browsers.
  3. Kinds of Ads Blocked: This prevents unwanted pop-ups, video ads, interstitial ads, floating ads and other kinds of online ads from all browsers.
  4. Faster Loading: Because it is able to eliminate all the ads and pop-up windows, Ad Muncher is able to speed up the loading of web pages and saves on bandwidth.
  5. No Setup Required: Ad Muncher works right out of the box. Just download the program, install it and you are ready to block all the ads you normally experience online.


  1. No Spyware Remover: Ad Muncher can only detect and prevent advertisements and spyware but is not capable of removing spyware and malware programs.
  2. Desktop Only: This program can only prevent online advertisements on Windows desktops while other companies offer compatibility on Macs, Android and iOS devices as well.
  3. Donations: While Ad Muncher is Freeware, they do need funds to keep operating otherwise they may stop providing their services. You can make monthly donations to Ad Muncher in $5, $10 and $20.


Source: https://www.comparakeet.com/best-ad-blockers/ad-muncher-review/

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It's abandonware  it's been free since 2014  and it not updated  since they made it freeware  since  most sites switch to https now it don't work on hardly no sites.  Use and addon or Adguard

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uBlock along with uBlock origin is a good combination.

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