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Good news - there will be a update - Windows 7 compatible. Maybe the complete version with all options. Hope so.


showthread.php?t=255824 (FirstDefense-ISR forum)

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sorry!.what is that firstdefence-isr?.

EDIT:i've visited the link down the page you posted.it is similar to Acronis True Image v11 software.

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Is difficult compare it to some software because i not see any other software that make what FDISR do (in the same way)... but is like a mix of Acronis with Rollback rx. Is a instant system recovery not a tradittional software backup at all (where you can put your backups in a USB or anything like that)

If i'm not wrong there is a cure in a post here at nsane. If you have a VM put it there to take some fun (need alot of HD space for snapshots)


download link: http://www.wilderssecurity.com


The version released by horizondatasys is stripped.... not have all options and have a restriction in the number of snapshots you can have if i'm not wrong.

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