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Next Firefox can detect computer orientation


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Firefox_3.5_logo.pngNext Firefox can detect computer orientation


A demonstration application that shows Firefox adjusting a Web page graphic according to how a MacBook is tilted.

The upcoming version 3.6 of Firefox will be able to tell if you're listing to starboard--and pass that information along to applications running in the browser.

That's because the browser will be able to detect the orientation of laptops and mobile devices equipped with accelerometers that can tell which way is down. The reason for the work: Web applications running in the browser will be able to use the information, useful for labyrinth-type games with virtual marbles rolling around boards, and any number of other gaming situations.

Mozilla evangelist Christopher Blizzard announced Firefox's coming orientation interface Monday.

"One new feature that we're including as part of Firefox 3.6 is support for web pages to access machine orientation information if it's available," Blizzard wrote. "Many modern MacBooks and ThinkPads contain devices and drivers that expose this information. We've added support for Linux, Macs and some ThinkPads where drivers and devices are available."

Mozilla is working on the technology for mobile devices, too, where orientation-aware games are a big deal.

The move is one of many by browser makers eager to transform their software from passive receptacles for showing Web sites to an active foundation for interactive applications. Firefox 3.6 is scheduled for beta testing shortly and final release later this year.

Yahoo has worked on browser-based orientation technology through its BrowserPlus software.


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Believe me or not. My FF starts in less then 5-6 seconds including the FF profile selection window in the middle.

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You are right about speed improvements. :)

My Chrome starts in 2-3 seconds for me. Forget IE6 :lol: .

Well I don't think that Mozilla has ever concentrated on speed.

Note: In safe mode my FF starts in 1-2 sec. The reason why I mentioned 5-6sec in the last post is I heard Box's FF takes 1.30 min to start.

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Yes , it appeared that

FF has alot of Memory Problems

sometimes the browser gets out of sync and freezes like hell

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Custom builds of FF has a fast startup. I'm not sure what they changed.

I will not bother upating to IE7 or 8, since I'm just using it for troubleshooting


Especially when you set config.trim_on_minimize to true.

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