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8% of web users have considered hacking into a friends account


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8% of web users have considered hacking into a friends account

Checking up on partners one of the most popular reasons for hacking.

More than one in ten social networkers thinks their account has been hacked, says Moneysupermarket.com.

Research by the comparison website revealed that 8 percent of web users admitted they have thought about or been successful at hacking into a friend Facebook, Twitter or email account.

Of those potential hackers, most said they accessed the account because they suspected their partner was having affair.

However, playing practical jokes on someone, checking what was being said behind their back and stalking were also among the most popular reasons for hacking into someone's account.

Two thirds of web users that have had their account hacked said they had changed their passwords to ensure it didn't happen again, while a quarter closed their account.

James Parker, manager of mobiles and broadband at moneysupermarket.com said, "People need to take hacking seriously and follow advice to safeguard themselves against attempts to access their account and personal information".

"Social networking sites have become a normal part of people's everyday lives but it is important to remember that hundreds of people could have access to your private details, especially if your email address is linked to both your public profile and then used for things like internet banking."



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The people who are not tying to hack should really consider security. How can your account be hacked? Carelessness, low security and not usin brains.

And those who are hackin should consider trusting your friend/partner. The relationship, whether friendship or love is based on trust.

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I would call them filthy opportunists rather than friends :bag:

True.. Hacking friends is lame. If you go mess with, for example, their WLM account and give him/her problems.. You can't call that friendship!

The problem sometimes is that people want revenge.. Don't ask me for what, but their are a lot of people that are kinda wakko :P

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