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[Question] How to create bootable Windows 7 DVD


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Greetings fellow nsaneforum members,

I had just downloaded the Windows 7 Professional x86 from MSDN-AA. I plan to burn it into a DVD so that I can install it on my new machine that is currently not installed with any operating system. Here is the picture of the ISO that I had downloaded.


Can anyone guide me on how to install this bootable Windows 7 without requiring WAIK? I tried google, but the result these require WAIK.

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the windows 7 dvd (MSDN) is already bootable...just burn it and use it to install 7....not sure if thats what you want....but only if you want to customize ur install then waik is required..

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You are right.

@11768: Well you just need to burn it. You can do it properly with PowerISO.

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