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Ha ha ha, I tried to post the comment below but I had forgotten to sign in so I received the message "your comment will need to be approved by a moderator",,,,,,and at the top of the page it gave the offline message and the cloud backup front page!!!🤣

Well done Matt and all his little minions!! lol. Life wouldn't be the same without a daily dose of nsanity...thanks for all your efforts, much appreciated!!😀😀😀

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9 hours ago, knowledge said:

maybe if people optimization gifs or
Converting your animated GIF to a HTML5 video



can make pages load faster

i tested with


his size is much biger then need be

10.29 MB

edit one is much less 5 MB



or 817kb

maybe i am wrong   i not mean to pick fl0ppyd1scours3 was just test its all no problems ok my friend :)

always welcome to give new ideas and suggestions in order we all have the best results of us. 





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1 minute ago, Kalju said:




ok i will but u understand i am right it slow down pages  so if do as i said it can help  

if u look his was fzmfsJI.gif

10.29 MB

edit one is much less 5 MB


or https://imgur.com/L4YfzuI 817kb

so in end it save his data and time and save the people from wait for page to show all

sure its a little thing but all helps  maybe i am wrong to comment if so flag and remove its ok

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