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Firefox & Chrome Browsers Are Distrusting Symantec TLS Certificates


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Mozilla has decided to distrust all the certificates by Symantec since Mozilla released its 63rd version of the browser. The browsers will display a warning when the user visits an affected website even when the website bears a certificate from the Symantec Certificate Authority.


Google has decided to do the same thing their Chrome 70 Canary. All the websites who are using Certificates from Symantec will display a warning. Google planned to push the feature into beta by September 13th and push the feature into the stable on October 16th.

Why is this happening suddenly?

Many browser developers have decided to distrust all TLS Certificates since investigations into the CA’s issuance practices which affect entities under the Symantec CA umbrella. The certificates of GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL will be affected too.


Administrators of websites that rely on these certificates should consider replacing them immediately. Some of the big names using this certificate are Sony PlayStation Store, Navy Federal Credit Union’s online banking page, First National Bank of Pennsylvania’s online banking, Estonian LHV Bank, Canadian telecom Freedom, La Banque Postale, La Banque Populaire Val de France, First National Bank in South Africa and Intel’s Japanese website.


The Symantec Certificate Authority has not always followed the provisions and regulations of the industry when issuing TLS Certificates as per Google and Mozilla engineer requirements.



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